How Long to People Stay in Rehab for Depression?

Question by molly: How long to people stay in rehab for depression?
Just wondering.. On average how long would it be before they came back to school? (This person cut themself but they were caught). Please answer, thankyou!

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Answer by petee p
Tell them… Visit for online support.. Also Ur selfesteem is very low right now. U need to find ways to improve it, look online for tips. Also try learning and doing new things; start small and this will give u a sense of achievement. .. Visit to talk to a free online councellor.. Look up exercise and depression online it releases endorfins which improve mood and brain chemistry. and Art Therapy; channelling what ur feeling into something creative helps ur brain process the negativity in ur head. also find some volunteer work; helping others or nature builds selfesteem, gives life new meaning gives perspective and good karma… u dont have to believe in god but finding some spirituality can really help and good karma is a good start… basically research all u can on depression then when u find things that help come on here and share with the other deprrssed people, more good karma. Why not join clubs groups and activities in ur community where you ll meet like minded people. Or challenge urself by joining groups u wouldnt normally be interested in.  good luck and dont be afraid of going to ur doctor, be totally honest and they ll understand and be able to help; medication can work wonders, like lifting a weight from ur shoulders.

Answer by Jennifer
“Depression” can be interpreted into many different things, all of these things could keep you inpatient for different periods of time. For example, severe depression (sadness that keeps you from living a normal life, may lead to self harmful activities) could keep you inpatient for a few days, at most. Rarely would a depressed person who hasn’t self harmed be admitted. But, say, if you attempted suicide, you could be inpatient for several weeks, and actually need a doctor’s approval to return to school.
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