Hundreds Support Local Schools Through Music With a Mission Concert

Hundreds support local schools through Music With A Mission concert
The event would not have been possible without a $ 30,000 donation from Per Wickstrom who runs a Michigan drug rehab center and supports anything that help steer young people in the right direction." "In my business any therapy is good therapy," … Read more on powered by KHQA to assist campus rape victims
The recommendations stem from a 90-day review by the that President Barack Obama created after his administration heard complaints about the poor treatment of campus rape victims and the hidden nature of such crimes. … Eileen Wilson … Read more on Dekalb Daily Chronicle

Mojo – April 2014
Human rights advocates strongly oppose private prisons, alleging that they prioritize profit over rehabilitation and help fuel mass incarceration. Privately owned prisons have also been …. University of Michigan center Mitch McGary only played eight … Read more on Mother Jones (blog)

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