I Can't Get Over the First Time a Patient Killed Herself

I can't get over the first time a patient killed herself
Despite a loving family and good job, she was saddled with a crippling and chronic depression that had gone on for more than 30 years. I remember talking to her very frankly about suicide. She saw it as a logical choice she might make if all treatment … Read more on The Guardian

Shocking disorder: Trigeminal neuralgia causes intense pain in the face
Mandi Ginn-Franz suffers from trigeminal neuralgia, which causes severe pain in her teeth and mouth. She wore teal to show solidarity in … “The typical form of TN is shock-like, so it feels like electric shocks or getting shocked by lightning to the … Read more on Kenosha News

Depression – a Tale of Late Dr Thomas
The untimely death of this mother of two was a rude shock to her colleagues and the entirety of the LUTH community. A source said, "A close examination of her body revealed a lot of lacerations. In fact, I … She said involves … Read more on AllAfrica.com

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