I Hate This Girl but I Really Want to Help Her?

Question by H is for Hello ? jessica ?: i hate this girl but i really want to help her?
theres this girl that goes to my school.. i dont know her very well but i despise the group she hangs out with (long story) and everyone says shes a huge b*tch.
i heard from my friend that shes bulimic and im pretty sure its true. i dont know, i just have this weird urge to try and help her. im going through kinda the same stuff and i guess i feel bad for her.
i dont know what i would do though, like we dont talk and she probably doesnt like me from the stories her little group tells people. so im confused!
what would you do?

thanks :)

Best answer:

Answer by ??????? ??á??à??
Just tell her that you’re going through the same kind of thing, and that if ever she needs to talk, she can trust you ;)

Answer by loveya!
Try to get to know her.

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