I Have a Question About This Fitness Book That I Bought, ?

Question by Victor Z: I have a question about this fitness book that i bought, ?
In this book they offer three styles of weight training.

Strength training
Endurance/Fat Burning training
Power/ General fitness training

unfortunately, this book doesn’t explain the difference of the three styles. If there is anyone can tell me the difference it would be much appreciated

Thank you

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Answer by aWellWisher
Use it or lose it
Strength training-
Muscle mass naturally diminishes with age. “If you don’t do anything to replace the muscle you lose, you’ll increase fat,” says Edward Laskowski, M.D., a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist at , Rochester, Minn., and co-director of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center. “But strength training can help you preserve and enhance your muscle mass — at any age.”
Fat burning training-
With weight training, you can not only help your body burn more fat but you can also change the entire shape of your physique. By building additional muscle, you essentially “rev up” the metabolic rate, all of the time—something aerobic exercise cannot do. Increasing the body’s muscle mass, even slightly, increases the basal metabolic rate—that is, the total amount of fuel (calories) the body requires to maintain that new muscle… and burns fuel, even while at complete rest. (Yes, as in snoozing on the sofa!)

Thus, the more muscle tissue you have on your body, the easier it becomes to stay lean.
General fitness training-
It works towards broad goals of overall health and well-being, rather than narrow goals of sport competition, larger muscles or concerns over appearance. A regular moderate workout regimen and healthy diet can improve general appearance markers of good health such as muscle tone, healthy skin, hair and nails, while preventing age or lifestyle-related reductions in health and the series of heart and organ failures that accompany inactivity and poor diet.

Diet itself helps to increase calorie burning by boosting metabolism, a process further enhanced while gaining more lean muscle. An aerobic exercise program can burn fat and increase the metabolic rate.

Answer by luvin1
Strength training is building muscle , which helps you burn fat faster. Endurance and fat training is aerobics which gets your heartrate up and also burns fat. Power and general fitness is probably a combination of the two. Hope that helps.

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