I Think I Have a Mood Disorder, but My Doctor Says Its Depression?

Question by Heather G: I think I have a mood disorder, but my doctor says its depression?
What should I do if all my symptoms match a mood disorder, but my doctor keeps trying to treat me for depression and with ant-depressants-I have tryed them all and just get worse. How can I convince my doctor to try me on something for mood?? Are mood disorder meds not available or hard to get??

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Answer by DK Julie
depression is a mood disorder. But you could be bi-polar and need some meds for the highs as well as the lows. Just keep going back and telling him you are getting worse and tell him straight out he needs to try something else. If that doesn’t work, get a different doctor.

Answer by David K
If you think it is something else you can double check on this website www.webmd.com , hope it helps

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