If My Parents Are Going to Act 53 Me in PA What Are My Legal Rights?

Question by : If my parents are going to act 53 me in PA what are my legal rights?
My parents are deciding to act 53 me. I can prove that I am not a .
Do you have the right to a free lawyer? any other advice is helpful.
I am not interested in hearing the typical 12 step AA answer. I don’t believe in the 12 steps nor the disease concept. I want to know my legal rights.
I can show the courts
– I have a 3.7 GPA
– I am on varsity soccer
– I have no criminal record

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Answer by Annie
Every drug addict claims they are not a drug addict until they get into recovery.

Your parents call the shots, deal with it.

Answer by Tiaskela
“ACT 53 of 1997 – Involuntary Commitment of Minors for Drug and Alcohol Treatment” The link below describes the process and what you can expect. You’ll get representation and be able to tell your side of the story.

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