IN BRIEF: How Big Was Your Breakfast?

IN BRIEF: How big was your breakfast?
Dr Susan Jebb and her team at the Medical Research Council in Cambridge, UK gave 33 overweight men and women breakfast three times — one contained around 700 calories, another was 20 per cent smaller and the third was almost half the size, at 300 … Read more on New Straits Times

THE BIG INTERVIEW: The moving story of Holly's battle with cystic fibrosis
That's not surprising, when a night for Holly involves tablet-taking and inhalers, oxygen, physiotherapy and nasogastric feeds. Because … That's exactly what happened when she temporarily left home to study textiles at Nottingham Trent University in … Read more on Leicester Mercury

Women may have harder concussion recovery than men
"This study presents data from a large bank of injuries in a young population and those data will ultimately help answer some of the questions of how and why there are differences," Susan Saliba said. Saliba is a physical therapist, Read more on Reuters UK

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