Increasing Number of Suicides by Iowa Men 75 or Older Raises Concerns

Increasing number of suicides by Iowa men 75 or older raises concerns
Frank Judisch, a 77-year-old retired ophthalmologist from University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City, said he suffers from what he describes as “chronic recurring depression” and identifies with some of those factors during his occasional … Read more on The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines

Scott County mental health program offers day treatment for teens
Those students, ages 13 to 18, need more than a therapy session once a week. Many are dealing with serious depression, anxiety, trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder, and were being treated in partial hospitalization programs in other counties … Read more on Minneapolis Star Tribune

Caffeine can really mess with your head
So the ideal first-line treatment for anxiety in a patient who uses caffeine is to eliminate the caffeine and see how the patient responds, before prescribing antianxiety medication. …. In the journal CNS Spectrums in 2009, he wrote, “A 47-year old … Read more on Boing Boing


Treatment with Alternative Home Remedy – Nutritional deficiencies, stress, and toxins can drain our body’s usual energy which leads to various diseases and fast aging. At …


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