Is an EtG Included in a “Urine Drug Test”?

Question by Drew: Is an EtG included in a “urine drug test”?
My job is testing me for a controlled substance + alcohol test tomorrow. My head boss checked off only the “urine drug test” on the testing form that I will be bringing into the health center. The thing is, there was a “urine drug screen only” option, and he did not check that one off, only the “urine drug test” was checked off. I know I am clean in regards to the whole drug thing (Marijuana, Meth, etc..) But I had just one beer last night, and I am wondering if this test will include an EtG, which can detect alcohol for up to 80 hours prior. Any help is much appreciated!

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Answer by You Are a China Shop I Am a Bull
no they don’t test for alcohol; they test for .

i wouldn’t work for a company that says you can not drink alcohol ever. that’s pretty illegal.

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