Is It Wrong to Have a Glass of Wine in the Morning… in Bed..?

Question by Ella Bella: Is it wrong to have a glass of wine in the morning… in bed..?
I always pull out my bottle of wine under my bed and drink (sometimes) straight out of the bottle in the morning. It’s like some people, they have their morning ciggarette…..well, i have my morning drink. Is it wrong? will i become an alcoholic? because god knows i can’t live without my morning drink…
sometimes, when i go out for a run, i have my bottle of water and another bottle of white wine or vodka. I usually drink it after i finish running…to relax. Do i need help? because i feel like having a glass of chardonnay right now
I’m 19, i drink it AFTER i am finished running!!! not while i’m running idiots! and i don’t drink so i am DRUNK! just a little SLIGHTLY tipsy, and that’s it!!!

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Answer by ?RubberDucky?
nothing a little rehab can’t fix

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I would drink the entire bottle in bed if I didn’t have to get to work!! Seriously, you are an alcoholic. Get help. P.S.–Slightly tipsy is the same as being drunk, you lunkhead!!

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