Is the Design of Our Hospitals Making People Sick?

Is the Design of Our Hospitals Making People Sick?
In a 2011 report on hospitals, the British Medical Association found that "the architectural environment can contribute to the treatment of patients and significantly affect their health outcomes." The BMA further noted that badly designed facilities … Read more on Newsweek

COLUMN: Calo co-founder opens up about facility
I told Mr. Kirk of my own struggles with depression and anxiety, symptoms that he sees in his residents, and that I developed an interest and minored in Sociology in college, and how I'd familiarized myself with some of the language we'd be using for … Read more on

Dallas VA Medical Center's Wall of Honor honors female veterans' past, present
“A lot of women with [] are set up for postpartum depression, and we want them to know that they don't have to suffer through those things alone.” That's part of the reason for the campaign — to change the perception that … Read more on Dallas Morning News

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