Ketamine for Depression – Doctor Fruitman, M.D.


Ketamine for Depression – Doctor Fruitman, M.D. – Psychiatrist in NYC Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D. explains how to treat depression with Ketamine. Current research shows that Ketamine, an old anesthetic, works …


Ketamine Infusions Show Some Small, Limited Value in Open-Label Study
So it goes with a small study of 28 patients in the UK who had severe clinical depression that didn't respond to any previous treatments. Only 8 of them responded to ketamine infusions. Of those 8, only 4 actually remitted — meaning they had no … Read more on (blog)

UK Study Finds Ketamine Could Treat Severe Depression
Several studies in the past have examined the effects of this party drug on depression and found that the drug has the potential to treat the . In a new study out of the United Kingdom, researchers conducted the first trial within the … Read more on Counsel & Heal

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