Lawrence Clinics Partner to Provide Primary, Mental Health Care Under One Roof

Lawrence clinics partner to provide primary, mental health care under one roof
With no previous history of , she wasn't seeing a therapist or psychiatrist. Lira was referred to Heartland Community Health Center. There, she met with a nurse practitioner who prescribed her medications, and a behavioral health … Read more on Lawrence Journal World

How the ACA can improve mental health treatment
In the past few years, mental health treatment in the U.S. has had increased visibility, primarily due to a few horrifying mass killings committed by individuals with untreated serious mental illness. These cases have highlighted the importance of … Read more on Cecil Whig

Mosaic anticipates need for mental health assistance to increase
Mosaic serves individuals and families of all ages, and its mental health centers are staffed with physicians, nurses and therapists. Along with traditional rehabilitation and therapy programs, the organization offers patient services ranging from … Read more on Baltimore Sun


Gardening as Therapy – I take it I’m not the only one who finds gardening helpful. After all, “I think there’s nothing more calming and soothing than the smell of flowers and the e…


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