Man Indicted in US for Drug Deal Elected Senator in Nigeria

Man indicted in US for drug deal elected senator in Nigeria
Kashamu, 56, hung up the phone twice when the AP called for comment about the drug case on Thursday. Kashamu has said he is “a clean businessman” and that the 1998 indictment by a in the Northern District of Illinois for conspiracy to import … Read more on Salon

Louis CK reveals why he quit Twitter: “I think it's why everything is kind of
“I'm very paranoid about drug use, so if I get high twice a week, I'm like, 'I have a problem,' and I stop,” he said. “I don't think it's good for comics, getting high, it takes your will away and it makes you too comfortable. And I got kids — I can't … Read more on Salon

The right wing's bloodthirsty obsession: How conservatives poisoned the debate
From there the op-ed proceeds to associate Tsarnaev with as many right-wing bugaboos as its author can trot out: Muslims, welfare leeches, drug dealers, Obama supporters, and illegal aliens are among the numerous polemical tropes that Carr dutifully … Read more on Salon