Office of Juvenile Justice Awards Judge Marchman

Office of Juvenile Justice awards Judge Marchman
“Part of my learning curve was to understand that not just alcohol and substance abuse problems, but also mental health issues, drive crime. I feel very strongly that it is wrong, and not very efficient, to rely on the delivery of mental health and … Read more on

State's first private, women-only substance abuse home opens in Grand Rapids
Four million women in American struggle with drug or and only 14 percent of them get the treatment they need. Grand Rapids is about to become home the state's first and only for profit residential treatment program just for women. Read more on WZZM

Is Violent Crime in Some People's Genes?
Prior research has suggested that an excess of dopamine can promote aggressive behavior, particularly when mixed with drugs or alcohol, according to background information in the study. The other mutation involves a gene known as CDH13. This mutation … Read more on


The Reality of College Drinking – Drinking is a big part of college atmosphere. Many college students drink to excess without thinking about the consequence, Little do they realize that for s…


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