Surveying the Latest Data in Fatty Liver Disease

Surveying the Latest Data in Fatty Liver Disease
Significant advances in the diagnosis and management of patients with this increasingly common and daunting disease were presented at The Liver Meeting® 2015—the 66th annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD … Read more on Medscape

The Young Woman Whose Addiction Story Touched Obama's Heart Just Died
But she was in Michigan, where she'd moved for a residential drug . Her story, as …. “We begged them to let her stay, because there weren't any facilities that we could find anywhere near this area that really dealt with dual diagnosis … Read more on Huffington Post

Arab-American Community Comes to Grips With Drugs

Arab-American community comes to grips with drugs
“This is a huge problem, but when people talk about in the Muslim culture, they're shunned,” said Abdallah, 36, a Grosse Pointe resident who grew up in Dearborn. “If you mention that someone is addicted to drugs, people get mad at you.”. Read more on The Detroit News

Tulane scientist's drug could reduce opioid addiction, overdoses
James Zadina, a professor of medicine, pharmacology and neuroscience at the Tulane School of Medicine, says an engineered version of a chemical found in the brain has been shown in laboratory experiments on rats and mice to reduce or eliminate the side … Read more on

A Recovering Addict on Why Legalizing Weed Might Be Better for Us All

A Recovering Addict On Why Legalizing Weed Might Be Better For Us All
If drugs and alcohol didn't make you feel better, be more productive, or make you think that you look/talk/behave/sing/dance better than you do, then people wouldn't be lining up to abuse them. The issue, of course, is that drugs and alcohol are a … Read more on UPROXX

'Addiction is a brain illness': Drug task force focuses on substance abuse
Mary Painter, director of Intimate Partner Violence and Substance Use Treatment and Recovery with the state Department of Children and Families, discusses substance abuse among adolescents at the second meeting of the North Central  … Read more on Journal Inquirer

Central Oregon Volunteer Search

Central Oregon Volunteer Search
LA PINE SENIOR ACTIVITY CENTER needs Meals on Wheels drivers, medical appointment escorts and dishwashers. Contact: Karen Ward, 541-536-6237. LONG-TERM CARE OMBUDSMAN PROGRAM needs volunteers to visit and be advocates for the … Read more on Bend Bulletin

Family member doing much to help addicts
I just placed our 142nd addict into a long-term residential treatment center. These addicts have a disease that does lead to crime many times so again more emphasis needs to be addressed on the positive work being done to help these … Read more on Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

Heads Up, Worrywarts: Depression May Cause Type 2 Diabetes, New Research Shows

Heads Up, Worrywarts: Depression May Cause Type 2 Diabetes, New Research Shows
A person diagnosed or showing is less likely to seek treatment or follow doctor's advice on their metabolic conditions, such as obesity or hypertension. If these are left untreated or mismanaged, they can worsen the symptoms … Read more on Tech Times

Even with higher education, obese women run greater risk of depression
"Our study provides evidence that in the examination of ongoing strain and cumulative stressors leading to depressive symptoms in women's lives, considering weight status and other factors concurrently may be informative," she said. "What this means in … Read more on Science Daily

Keith Richards' Daughter Released From Rehab

Keith Richards' daughter released from rehab
The 30-year-old Theodora Richards — a model and artist who illustrated her father's children's book "Gus & Me" — reportedly spent hours each day in rehab drawing in a marble covered notebook she seemed to keep with her at all times. In this July 13 … Read more on Mercury News

Duggar Family Visits Josh in Rehab, Did He Leave With Them?
Has Josh Duggar headed home from rehab to spend Thanksgiving with his family? A plane carrying patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, a Duggar son … that), but Us's main job is to report on entertainment. It would be like CNN airing celebrity gossip as their … Read more on Us Magazine

Wallowa Memorial Hospital Adds Occupational Therapist

Wallowa Memorial Hospital adds occupational therapist
That might include doing an evaluation of a stroke patient's home to help make daily tasks easier and safer, or providing guidance and education for caregivers of older patients experiencing cognitive and physical declines. Mart graduated from Pacific … Read more on Wallowa County Cheiftain

Vision Therapy: Changing times, technology giving rise to new concerns, techniques
“Seventy percent of your brain is dedicated to vision in some fashion; 80 percent of all sensory goes through your eyes; 90 percent of individuals who have a concussion, or stroke will have one or more problems with their eyes. Read more on The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines