Portland Teacher Madhu Braunger Watches Sons Descend Into Addiction; 1

Portland teacher Madhu Braunger watches sons descend into addiction; 1
They do so in a state with one of the highest rates of in the country and a treatment system underfunded and overwhelmed. Parental expertise in substance abuse comes in stages. Discovering a child is seriously abusing drugs or alcohol … Read more on OregonLive.com

Binge Eating Treatment Flops, Peer-to-Peer Training Succeeds
Obese patients with binge eating disorder had only slight improvements with food addiction after a treatment program, but internal medicine residents reported success in learning how to address alcohol use disorders from senior psychiatry residents, … Read more on MedPage Today

Social holiday season remains a struggle for recovering addicts
The holidays are a social time when friends and family gather to eat and drink. But for recovering addicts, it's an opportunity to relapse. The stress of deal?ing with social outings is a minute by minute struggle for control. This time of year holiday … Read more on WGEM


Thomas in De-Addiction Centre:Campaign against alcoholism : Kudiyalla Jeevitham campaign – Thomas in De-Addiction Centre:Campaign against alcoholism : Asianet News Kudiyalla Jeevitham campaign.


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