Question Regarding the Release of Medical Information, in the Case of a Psychotic Drug User?

Question by Nickity: Question regarding the release of medical information, in the case of a psychotic drug user?
Dr. Jones runs a rehab facilitly and is treating a psychotic drug user. The patient suddenly abandons the facility leaving a note that he plans to kill his ex-wife today. The patient has left behind his antipsychotic medicine that he must take every two hours. Dr. Jones

A. may not release this information because it’s confidential.
B. may release the information
C. may release the information only if the patient authorized such release in advance.
D. may release the information after obtaining a court order first.

These answers do not make sense to me. If the patient does harm his ex-wife, the ex-wife could sue Dr. Bob for failure to warn. So is warning the ex-wife considered “releasing the information”?

Best answer:

Answer by adamisskiing
Dr. Bob has an obligation to call the police if someone is making threats to hurt themselves or others.

Answer by Just me
If medical information is on any computer that is online believe this any hacker can get it. I think the drugs are what is making dude act like this, but here the law could be notified simply that the dude is fixing to kill his wife and has said so in a letter to his doctor that solves all of that. No medical information should ever be stored in such a way that any hacker can get it, it is for poor people only if you can pay cash will you not have yours done that way, maybe?

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