Rehab – Kept on Walking


Rehab – Kept On Walking – I do not own anything of this song… All rights goes to Rehab! This is my favourite song on the latest Rehab CD… Enjoy!! :)


dad accused of using heroin with child in car
It hasn't happened yet. “As we know, without help, he would go back,” she said. “That's what happens every time. It's heartbreaking.” He has been a patient at Keystone Substance Abuse Center in Rock Hill, she said, and a treatment center in Lancaster. Read more on Hilton Head Island Packet

Drug Relapse Denial and How it Kills
We know that people are at the greatest risk for overdose if they relapse after a period of abstinence – such as right after leaving a drug detox, treatment center, or methadone clinic. We also know that most people do relapse, usually many times … Read more on Huffington Post

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