Researchers Seek to Improve Bipolar Disorder, Depression Treatment

Researchers seek to improve bipolar disorder, depression treatment
“We don't have a lot of treatment options for the depression phase of bipolar disorder, which is very troubling from a public-health standpoint,” says Mark Frye, chairman of psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. “That's why clinicians still … Read more on Fox News

Later life depression: Ask for help
Despite such a significant number only a small percentage of this group receive treatment for this illness. According to Stephen Bartels, at the Centers for Health and Aging and Health at Dartmouth College, undertreatment often occurs because … Read more on Dayton Daily News

Scientists link DNA variations to major depression for the first time
"We are at the beginning of a trail that can lead us to clarifying the underlying biology of depression, which can then open up treatment possibilities that have hitherto been impossible," says Kenneth Kendler, and human geneticist at … Read more on The Verge

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