Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Question by what do I know?: Rheumatoid arthritis?
I have had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 9. It was originally diagnosed as “Juvinile Rheumatoid Arthritis”. Does anyone know of any natural supplements that help? Ive tried everything, and I’m getting sick of all this crap my rheumatoligist is prescribing.

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Answer by graciegirl
Una de Gato ( for pain), Glucosamine with chondroitin to replace the synovial fluid lost, Alflafa (has all the minerals for bone formation. Kelp, Boswelia, ginger(antinflamatory)

Answer by nido_tr3s
I can’t answer the question, but I do want to recommend a natural health site that has changed my life with regard to my own health condition (not R.A.). Dr. Mercola really knows what he’s talking about and has exposed the deception of the pharmaceutical industry. Good luck!

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