Robin Williams Dies After Battling ‘Severe Depression’


Robin Williams Dies After Battling ‘ – Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams, 63, who died Monday in California, was also known for his work with the United Service Organization, a nonprofit that works to lift the spirits…


The True Costs of Psoriasis: More Than Skin Deep
The summary states, “People with psoriasis experience higher rates of depression and anxiety, and people with severe psoriasis die, on average, four years younger than people without the disease. “ The report also stated this: “Patients with psoriasis … Read more on Everyday Health (blog)

Thinking the unthinkable about Obama's Middle East Policy
Such chaos could enable Obama to “temporarily suspend” the 2016 national elections, declare and implement an iron-fisted martial law, and transform himself into the America's First Oligarch. There would be an obvious national emergency, a severe crisis … Read more on American Thinker

What Can We Learn from the Germanwings Tragedy?
Early investigations point to a deliberate suicide by the flight's co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, who had a history of severe depression and had previously been treated for suicidal tendencies. The crash was “essentially an act of terrorism” and it is … Read more on [email protected]

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