Schooling for Rheumatology?

Question by Ashton: Schooling for Rheumatology?
I am very interested in Rheumatology but i have been very lost on exactly how much schooling there is and how they connect. What i mean is i understand you have to take pre-med first but is pre-med the same for any doctorate degree and then you specialize after? I am curious and i would love an explanation of how everything works. thanks! (I am going to talk to a school counselor sometime next week for more detail but i would like to find out as much as i can)

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Answer by jpturboprop
So far as I know, all Rheumatologists are Doctors first, be it MD or DO. So, undergrad. Med school. Internal medicine or family practice residency. Rheumatology fellowship. I am sure there are other pathways, but this is the most common. No degree is required to enter medical school, however there is a list of courses that are required for admission to medical school. The list varies somewhat from medical school to medical school, so it is a good idea to think ahead. Most students worry about the required coursework during their sophomore year in college. You might also look at another path, physical medicine and rehabilitation. “Physiatrists” treat do a lot of rheumatology, and they deal with a much broader group of patients. It is one of the most challenging specialties.

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