Snowy Owl in Wildlife Rehab Facility


Snowy Owl in wildlife – This snowy owl was found on a Lake Erie beach with its beak and both feet entangled in a fishing lure with treble hooks. The owl was taken to a wildlife reha…


One Monkey's Journey From Life in a Cage to Freedom at a Texas Sanctuary
PETA workers set out to rescue the poor monkey, transporting her to a Primate Rescue Center in Kentucky. … Once her condition improved, Maggie was clear to travel to her final destination, the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation sanctuary in Texas … Read more on One Green Planet

Duo wants to open state's first hospital for only marine animals
Their motivation came after realizing that there are only two local facilities authorized to care for smaller marine mammals, mainly harbor seals. Those rehabilitation centers are PAWS, in Lynnwood, and Wolf Hollow, in Friday Harbor. Read more on HeraldNet

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