Taking Diabetes Education to the Nation

Taking diabetes education to the nation
There, patients who are newly diagnosed or have had challenges with controlling their diabetes can be scheduled for visits. There they can learn proper use of medications, optimal diet, the importance of exercise and how to test and regulate . Read more on Waterbury Republican American

Heart Health And Triathlon
While there are still many things we do not know when it comes to the effect of extreme exercise on the heart muscle, one pattern is evident: In the scientific literature, at least 12 studies found a four-fold increased risk of developing arrhythmia in … Read more on Triathlete Europe

Selling health: A bargain or a rip-off?
In 2004, the drug Vioxx or Rofecoxib, a painkiller used in arthritis, was removed from the market including Malaysia due to the increased risk of heart attacks and stroke among patients taking it. This action was the effect of the post market … Read more on Astro Awani

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