The Isle of Long Life

The isle of long life
In 1943 a Greek war veteran named Stamatis Moraitis arrived in the United States for treatment of a combat-mangled arm. He had survived a gunshot wound, escaped to Turkey and eventually talked his way on to the Queen Elizabeth, then serving as a … Read more on

Do war-weary troops have drinking problem? Marines launch get-tough policy.
Responding to recent internal reports that, after a decade of war, a growing number of troops consider themselves heavy drinkers, the Marine Corps has announced a new get-tough policy: Personnel who tally a blood alcohol content of .01 or more while on … Read more on Christian Science Monitor

Moose Lake School Board chair pleads guilty to DWI
Lyons already has undergone 45 days of treatment at Hazelden in Center City, Minn., which Berglund said covers the chemical assessment portion of her expected sentence. Judge Robert Macaulay ordered a pre-sentence investigation through … Read more on Budgeteer


How to deal with denial in alcoholism with Dr Rodriquez and Delray Center – Denial in Alcoholism Now lets talk about denial in alcoholism, denial is a huge problem with alcoholism starting that alcohol is legal, its common, every body drinks it so its very easy to think that your behavior is still normal, especially when everybody around you is still drinking, now that is one reason why people fall into the denial of having alcoholism. Another reason is the illusion that if I’m still working I can’t be that bad, alcoholism sometimes takes awhile to really become obvious, obvious enough that you get fired and loose your job or go to jail. So while the person is drinking in a clearly unhealthy and problematic manner they may still be able to hold their job during the day and look otherwise normal during the day up until five, six o clock at night. That tendency of being able to hold the job while there is clearly pathological alcohol consumption in the evening or for the rest of the day or the days off definitely fosters a sense of denial with having a problem with alcohol. These people are often called functional alcoholics; the person who is otherwise functioning in their life at least on some level just enough so that their problem is not obvious to everybody but still not so much that they really are not in the absence of having a problem. Dr Raul J Rodriguez MD, a double Board Certified Psychiatrist and Addictionologist, discusses denial in alcoholism.Denial in


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