The Myth of FDR's Secret Disability

The Myth of FDR's Secret Disability
The recently discovered film clip of President being pushed in a wheelchair, despite showing neither Roosevelt's face nor the wheelchair, has become an object of considerable public interest. One reason people find the clip so … Read more on TIME (blog)

Wheelchair Athlete turns to Project Walk
I did a couple of exercises the other day and, you know I could work out my arms and everything. And once I start working my legs I start here comes the sweat you know," said Littlecreek. And Cameron is looking to take on that ultimate challenge a few … Read more on

Therapeutic driving ramps up opportunities for those with special needs
The back unfolds, enabling a wheelchair to be pushed up a ramp and then moved into place at the front of the vehicle, a procedure that will offer people with special needs a chance to be in the driver's seat, both literally and figuratively. There's no … Read more on The Star-Ledger –