Top 3 Exercises for Stroke (LowerBody)


Top 3 Exercises For Stroke (LowerBody) – From “Famous” , Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, demonstrate a couple of effective lower body exercises for stroke patie…


2015 Ford Power Stroke Diesel Storms the Hills
The towing exercises with the heaviest trailers were on a stretch of Interstate 64 north of Daniels, W.Va., that included a 5-mile, 7-percent grade that most heavy semis struggled with. In some cases, the Fords were matched against Chevrolet and Ram … Read more on Construction Equipment

American Ninja Warriors Take Athleticism To The Next Level: What It Takes
We do lots of bodyweight exercises in a row — pushups, pull-ups, lunges, squats, lots of abs — to really build strength and endurance,” Catanzaro told Fitness magazine. “For the obstacle courses, we want to be as … According to the Centers for … Read more on Medical Daily

Rise of the rehabilitation robots: Droids are helping stroke patients regain
The stroke patient who has had a stroke sits at a table facing a computer screen and places their arm onto the robotic device (pictured). A therapist then asks the patient to undertake some arm exercises, such as moving between targets on the computer … Read more on Daily Mail

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