What Do I Put for Getting a Weapons Carry Permit?

Question by Alex: What do I put for getting a weapons carry permit?
I haven’t applied for one yet because I’m worried I might get denied because when I plead to “and successfully completed” the FOA, part of the stipulations was for me to also see a physiatrist. So does that mean to mark yes under

“Have you ever been ordered to receive inpatient or outpatient treatment at any treatment facility, mental health center, hospital, sanitarium, clinic or program for a mental condition”

Technically I was never ordered to a “facility” it just said “Defendant to have mental health evaluation by a Psychiatrist & complete recommended treatment”.

Also, it was not for any specific mental condition. The judge didn’t know if I had one or not so he wanted me to go get checked I guess. I’m to assume the safe side and mark yes. I went to a psychologist and a psychiatrist and neither ever said I was a danger to myself or others, or mentally incompetent. I can get/already have documents saying I am not and have not been documented to have been a threat to myself or others. Should I add that?

I’ve never been to a mental hospital, never been ordered there. Idk what I should put.
If I got denied for that reason do I have a good ground to appeal and should I get a lawyer?
What do I mark?

And I have ADD. I don’t think most people with ADD/ADHD kill people.

Best answer:

Answer by Richard B
I would say you should NOT get a permit if you have any mental problem . talk to a lawyer

NOT all mental problems should disqualify you but that is a question to be decided.

killers are usually not “crazy” they lack empathy , the sense that other people are humans like themselves.

the old saying is: ” support mental health, or I’LL KILL YOU” ( a joke)

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