What Happens During a Stroke

What happens during a stroke
(CNN) — A stroke is a very scary thing: A vessel carrying blood to the brain becomes blocked or bursts, leaving the brain deprived of the essential oxygen and nutrients it needs to survive. In the minutes following a stroke, brain cells begin to die … Read more on CNN

Recreation briefs
SafeSplash focuses on skill retention in three areas: water safety, basic swimming strokes and competitive swim technique. For more information, visit safesplash.com. … Each of the programs encourages healthy exercise and social activities. NEW A.G.E … Read more on Las Vegas Review – Journal

Cardiology takes progress to heart with new technologies, procedures
And know that birth-control pills and hormone therapy can also raise women's risk for heart disease and stroke. . Erectile dysfunction may lead to … Not all ED patients get heart disease, said Paul Gittens, a Jefferson-trained … Read more on Philadelphia Daily News

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