'When in Doubt Grab a Drink': GRAHAM NORTON Reveals His Relationship With

'When in doubt grab a drink': GRAHAM NORTON reveals his relationship with
Of course everyone encounters alcohol when they leave home, but not everyone turns into the massive boozehound I did. What was it about drinking that I liked so much? For me it has always been a social thing — yes, I might have a glass of wine in … Read more on Daily Mail

A Reluctant Star, Sia Deals With Fame On Her Own Terms
Between "Chandelier," and songwriting credits for the likes of Beyonce, , Rihanna, Britney Spears and Ne-Yo, Sia — who claims that becoming "tabloid fodder" is her worst nightmare — is becoming a celebrity. This latest dance with fame (she … Read more on WBUR

Fake bar part of research into anti-drinking drug
WASHINGTON (AP) – There's no skunky bar odor amid the beer taps. Instead of booze, colored water fills the bottles. The real alcohol is locked away but still close enough for the extra temptation of smell — and to test the safety of a new drug … Read more on Great Falls Tribune

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