When Life Begins in Rehab: A Baby Heals After a Mother's Heroin Addiction

When life begins in rehab: A baby heals after a mother's heroin addiction
BALTIMORE — After a month of painful withdrawal that bunched her body into a tight ball, after tremors and diarrhea and sleeplessness and difficulty eating, Makenzee Kennedy went home to her bed in a drug rehab facility to celebrate a milestone … Read more on Washington Post

Treatment programs offer hope and help to Lebanon County heroin addicts
Fliers publicizing and other human-service programs fill a bulletin board in the waiting room at the Lebanon County Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse offices at 220 E. Lehman St. in Lebanon. (John Latimer — Lebanon … Read more on Lebanon Daily News

Whitby Harbour, Centennial Building to Get Upgrades

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Whitby harbour, Centennial Building to get upgrades
Funds will be allocated through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure program, which will provide $ 150 million over two years for the rehabilitation, renovation and expansion of existing public infrastructure assets such as community and cultural … Read more on durhamregion.com

The scandal of amputee soldiers' treatment on the NHS is revealed
The report praised the opening of 'Murrison Centres' – the NHS medical centres dotted around the country that have been adapted to treat the military and are named after defence minister and Wiltshire MP Andrew Murrison – he said they aren't equipped … Read more on Western Daily Press

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Kids Play Around in Front of Campbell Park Elementary Before School Starts

Kids play around in front of Campbell Park Elementary before school starts
Teachers are overwhelmed. Many said they had little training and no idea how to get students under control. More than half the teachers at the schools requested transfers in 2014. Several have been taken away in ambulances after suffering Read more on Tampabay.com

Explainer: The nico-teen brain
Nicotine (black triangle towards center left) tricks the nerve cell (neuron) into sending a message to release more dopamine (yellow dots). Those molecules enter the space … People with anxiety may even develop panic attacks. behavior The way a … Read more on Science News for Students

Around the Courts

around the courts
Age: 29. On 26/07/2015 at Shaldon drove a motor vehicle, namely a Renault Laguna on a road, namely Shaldon Bridge, Teignmouth, after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in your breath, namely 70 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 … Read more on Torquay Herald Express

Man who threatened to throw partner from cliff top, jailed for almost three years.
Martin Scarborough, mitigating, said Bridgewater met the woman when he was in a rehabilitation unit and accepts he moved in with her “too soon” on leaving, having not fully overcome his problems with . He now hopes to address these … Read more on The Northern Echo

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New York City Police Endorse Scientology Cult Anti-Drug Program in Schools

New York City Police endorse Scientology cult anti-drug program in schools
Parents are outraged after a Scientology-backed group held anti-drug presentations at 30 New York City public schools last year. “We didn't know anything about that, but Scientology, to me, it's a kind of ungodly thing that I don't really support … Read more on Examiner.com

In Turnabout, N.Y. Moves to Shut Troubled Rehab Clinic
In New York City, these residences are places where indigent alcoholics and addicts typically live four or more to a room while they undergo treatment. Beds squeezed into closets, vermin infestations, fire hazards and drug-dealing house managers were … Read more on ProPublica

Donald Trump's Latino Problem: Oranges, Immigration, and Labor in Southern

's Latino Problem: Oranges, Immigration, and Labor in Southern
In "A World of its Own: Race, Labor, and Citrus in the Making of Greater Los Angeles, 1900-1970", historian Matt Garcia places the citrus industry and the hundreds of thousands of Mexicans and Mexican Americans that labored within in it at the center … Read more on KCET

Women, black patients have poorer life expectancy after heart attack
In a corresponding editorial comment, Dr. Jack Tu, of the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Ontario, Canada, says the results "reinforce the need to improve the clinical presentation and treatment" for all heart attack patients, especially … Read more on Medical News Today

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Op to Ease Knee Arthritis Using a Slice of Someone Else's Hip!

Op to ease knee arthritis using a slice of someone else's hip!
I went home after four days and had physio and did walking exercises in the pool at my gym to strengthen my muscles. After six weeks I discarded the crutches and was using the stairs. It was a much faster recovery than before. … The North Hampshire … Read more on Daily Mail

New hip, new lease on life
Hip replacement patients typically range in age from the middle 60s to early 80s, Wheeler said, “but we're doing more and more on people in their 50s (I will be 60 in August) and some in their 40s. Some people don't have any other choice,” he said … Read more on TriValley Central