Top 3 Exercises for Stroke (LowerBody)


Top 3 Exercises For Stroke (LowerBody) – From “Famous” Physical Therapists, Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, demonstrate a couple of effective lower body exercises for stroke patie…


2015 Ford Power Stroke Diesel Storms the Hills
The towing exercises with the heaviest trailers were on a stretch of Interstate 64 north of Daniels, W.Va., that included a 5-mile, 7-percent grade that most heavy semis struggled with. In some cases, the Fords were matched against Chevrolet and Ram … Read more on Construction Equipment

Classes Help Families Understand Mental Illness

Classes help families understand mental illness
For 12 weeks, facilitators help family members cope with what they and their loved one are experiencing – from schizophrenia to bipolar disorder to depression – while fostering a community, said Kay Ashby, president of the Virginia Beach chapter of the … Read more on The Virginian-Pilot

: 'Drugs numbed everything. My life was a shambles'
Demi's birth father was bipolar, schizophrenic and battling alcohol and drug addictions and her mother had an as yet unacknowledged eating disorder and was also suffering from depression. Demi was barely old enough to understand what her parents were … Read more on Daily Mail

Warning Texts Can Curb Binge Drinking

Warning texts can curb binge drinking
Dr Brian Suffoletto, managing director of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, therefore believes a meaningful intervention in people's health and habits when they are young could "make a real dent" in the number of alcohol-related deaths … Read more on The British Psychological Society

Child Abuse And Stress Show Signs Of Altered Gene Expression; Interventions
According to a new study published in the journal Child Development, the increased risk of these behaviors, such as aggression and alcohol abuse, may stem from the biological processes the body goes through after abuse, especially among the genes. Read more on Medical Daily

History of Violence, Mental Illness Plagued Hospital Shooting Suspect

History of violence, mental illness plagued hospital shooting suspect
He was ordered to reside at the Life Center of Eastern Delaware County on Market Street for as long as his probation officer deems it to be in Plotts' best interest. He was also ordered to participate in mental health and drug treatment programs as … Read more on Delaware County Daily Times

Smart On Crime Initiative Intended To Reduce Louisiana's Record Incarceration
“We started looking at programs that helped,” Madden says. “We looked at drug treatment. We looked at alcohol treatment. We looked at funding for mental health. We looked at intermediate sanctions. We looked at expansion of specialty courts. All of the … Read more on WWNO

Bottin Back for Second Stint as AquaSox Coach

Bottin back for second stint as AquaSox coach
Bottin's rehab meant he was unable to accompany the Sox on their initial eight-game road trip against the Tri-City Dust Devils and Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, which concluded Wednesday. However, he will be at all of the Sox's home games, and he's hoping to … Read more on HeraldNet

Panthers snare Ekblad with first-overall pick
Philadelphia, PA ( – The Florida Panthers picked defenseman Aaron Ekblad with the first overall selection in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft on Friday at Wells Fargo Center. Ekblad, a dynamic … Virtanen, a right-handed shot, tallied career … Read more on

Perseverance Through Adversity

Perseverance through adversity
Daniel had suffered a brain clot on the left side of his brain causing him to have a stroke, hindering his speech and mobility on his right side. For the next two months, Daniel bounced between intensive care units and hospital rooms fighting for his life. Read more on Creston News Advertiser

The group's primary focus is a wellness approach to recovery and will include topics, such as, , growing food, the value of food, self-image and cooking. The group leaders are Nicole Cormier, RD, LDN, and Jennifer Ladd. Anyone interested in … Read more on Wicked Local Mattapoisett

Why Rob Ford's Addiction Is an Explanation, Not an Excuse

Why Rob Ford's Addiction is An Explanation, Not An Excuse
For example, imagine someone with mild depression, good social support (ex: family and friends) and access to psychological treatment. We might say that the depression is having some influence on decision making, but on a scale from 0 – 100, deciding … Read more on Canada

Lack Of Rehab Facilities Hurt Cardiac Patients
Researchers from York University in Canada suggest that rehabilitation programs must become an integral part of cardiac care to significantly reduce the burden of living with heart disease, one of the most common chronic diseases and causes of death … Read more on University Herald

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