Ten Sixty Five: What You Need to Know if You're Going to the Party

Ten Sixty Five: What you need to know if you're going to the party
The main Jake Peavy Foundation Stage is on Spring Hill Avenue, near the five-point intersection with Washington Avenue and Dauphin Street. (It's right between Moe's Original Bar-B-Que and the Central Fire Station.) The smaller Wind Creek Casino & Hotel … Read more on AL.com

States looking to legalize pot need crash course on drugged driving, report says
The report by the Governors Highway Safety Association includes data indicating that driving while drugged has increased in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana use, including Colorado and Washington. However, the study also … Read more on Press Herald

Stephanie Davis Enjoys Outdoor Workout Session With Boyfriend Sam Reece

Stephanie Davis enjoys outdoor workout session with boyfriend Sam Reece
But Stephanie Davis proved that she is turning her life around as she was seen working up a sweat during an outdoor workout with her boyfriend Sam Reece. The 22-year-old was hard to miss in neon yellow and black patterned leggings as she enjoyed a … Read more on

Bodyguard claims he was 'forced to buy cocaine' for celebs
I would have to buy drugs for such celebrities as Barron Hilton, John Mayer, Chris Evans, Ms. [sic] America Tara Conner.” Taylor, who does not have a lawyer, … Conner's site says she had a “very public struggle with addiction.” Reps for Conner, Evans … Read more on Page Six

Dimensional Depression Severity in Women With Major Depression and Post

Dimensional depression severity in women with major depression and post
In contrast, anxiety was associated with elevated connectivity between the amygdala and the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. Taken together, these results emphasize the centrality of the amygdala in the pathophysiology of depressive symptoms, and … Read more on Nature.com

Acupuncture Relieves Post-Stroke Anxiety & Depression
Acupuncture relieves anxiety and depression experienced by stroke patients. Researchers from the Shanghai University of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) investigated the efficacy of acupuncture and medications for the treatment of post-stroke anxiety … Read more on HealthCMi

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Supreme Court Backs Use of Lethal Injection Drug

Supreme Court backs use of lethal injection drug
Three death row inmates — Richard E. Glossip, John M. Grant and Benjamin R. Cole — brought the challenge arguing that the drug midazolam violates the 8th Amendment's ban on cruel and unusual punishment because it fails to generate “a deep, coma … Read more on fox6now.com

Prosecutor wants to charge 's boyfriend Nick Gordon for
Prosecutors want to charge Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend with involuntary manslaughter over claims he tried to buy her drugs on the day she almost drowned in the bath. Nick Gordon – declared 'a person of interest' by police since Bobbi Kristina died … Read more on Daily Mail

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Forum Geared Toward Parents of Students on Heroin Deaths

Forum geared toward parents of students on heroin deaths
With opiate addiction, the addiction is so powerful that we frankly expect relapse. And one of the most dangerous times is right after you've done a period in the county jail for instance or you've just completed a heavy ,” Schimel said. Read more on WISN Milwaukee

Life as a recovering addict
Cohen, a recovering addict for 18 years, now works as the vice president of substance use and co-occurring disorders at Insight Behavioral Health Centers in Chicago. Since September is National Recovery Month, RedEye wanted to highlight personal … Read more on RedEye Chicago

Handgrip Device Helps Stroke Patients Access Hand/Arm Rehab

Handgrip Device Helps Stroke Patients Access Hand/Arm Rehab
for self-rehabilitation of arm function, a new study has shown. The device, developed by scientists at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom, allows patients with severe hand and arm impairment to practice exercises and … Read more on Medscape

Interactive rehabilitation device restores vet's use of hand after stroke
The second, randomized control trial of 12 individuals more than six months after stroke onset, found that those who used the device significantly improved more than when they did conventional exercises. Ninety percent of participants improved some … Read more on Fox News

Woman Thought Baby Her Was DEPRESSED – but He Had Hormone Deficiency

Woman thought baby her was DEPRESSED – but he had hormone deficiency
The aim of growth hormone therapy is to treat growth hormone deficiency by returning the child to the normal growth curve so reaching the height that would be expected taking into account parents' height and other factors. Growth hormone replacement … Read more on

Parental Reflective Functioning: An Approach to Enhancing Parent-child
To foster healthy parent-child relationships, HCPs must develop the expertise to integrate approaches that support the family's socioemotional health into pediatric primary care. This article suggests ways in which pediatric HCPs can integrate a focus … Read more on Medscape