Perseverance Through Adversity

Perseverance through adversity
Daniel had suffered a brain clot on the left side of his brain causing him to have a stroke, hindering his speech and mobility on his right side. For the next two months, Daniel bounced between intensive care units and hospital rooms fighting for his life. Read more on Creston News Advertiser

The group's primary focus is a wellness approach to recovery and will include topics, such as, , growing food, the value of food, self-image and cooking. The group leaders are Nicole Cormier, RD, LDN, and Jennifer Ladd. Anyone interested in … Read more on Wicked Local Mattapoisett

Why Rob Ford's Addiction Is an Explanation, Not an Excuse

Why Rob Ford's Addiction is An Explanation, Not An Excuse
For example, imagine someone with mild depression, good social support (ex: family and friends) and access to psychological treatment. We might say that the depression is having some influence on decision making, but on a scale from 0 – 100, deciding … Read more on Huffington Post Canada

Lack Of Rehab Facilities Hurt Cardiac Patients
Researchers from York University in Canada suggest that must become an integral part of cardiac care to significantly reduce the burden of living with heart disease, one of the most common chronic diseases and causes of death … Read more on University Herald

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Physical Therapy Clinic Names: Columbus OH Physical Therapy

Columbus OH Physical Therapy clinics are dedicated to provide you relief from neck and back pain. They also address a number of other problems that root from spinal misalignment. If you have frozen shoulder or other related problems or those who suffer from accidents that lead to different types of problems requiring physical therapy, you can see a Columbus OH Physical Therapy expert and get treatment to lead a normal and healthy life.

Branches Counseling Center Adds Four Counselors

Branches Counseling Center adds four counselors
Branches, founded in 2007, with offices in Middle Tennessee and St. Augustine, Fla., is a non-profit, faith based counseling center offering healing and hope for those struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction and shame regardless of ability to pay. Read more on Lebanon Democrat

New mental health program in St. Paul helps veterans heal wounds of war
It includes veterans advocates and therapy specialists who can help veterans healing from post traumatic stress disorder, depression and . Regions says experts on navigating the complicated military benefits and resources bureaucracy … Read more on Rick Kupchella’s BringMeTheNews

Bipolar Blog Stress Tips


bipolar blog stress tips – Me talking about stress tips.


Support for mood disorders: Allen Doederlien shares information Thursday
A series of presentations focusing on mental health issues that began in March at the Blount County Public Library will continue Thursday as Allen Doederlein, president of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA), speaks on bipolar disorder … Read more on The Daily Times

'I Won the Battle Against Bipolar'

'I won the battle against bipolar'
The voices were accompanied by “unexplained, severe mood swings, depression and recurrent suicidal thoughts”, he recalls. … Although there is no cure for the condition, it is treatable with the aid of medication prescribed to manage particular symptoms. Read more on Namibian

Physician Training Program Improves Care for Depression
Many patients stop taking prescribed antidepressants within the first few months, and use of standardized measures allow for more reliable assessments that may promote increased adherence to treatment. Depression is a common and potentially disabling … Read more on

Can Tom Sizemore Make a Comeback?

Can Make A Comeback?
Tom Sizemore has been in some brilliant films. And he's been great in them. As an uncredited DEA agent in 'Point Break', via a despicable detective in 'Natural Born Killers' to a fearless soldier in 'Black Hawk Down', he's a magnetic screen presence. Read more on Yahoo Movies UK

Andy Dick: Back from the Brink
Debrino knows first-hand what it's like to try restart the careers of actors who have histories of drug and alcohol abuse. One of his projects was tough-guy actor Tom Sizemore, whose career went south after bouts with drugs amid Sizemore's turbulent … Read more on

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