South Africa: The World's Largest Cycle Race

South Africa: The world's largest cycle race
Our team is rather less stellar: myself, a keen if very amateur cyclist, two London office workers, a physiotherapist, a professor and our captain Allan Lamb – a man, by his own admission, more comfortable wielding a bat than pedalling up the side of … Read more on

Karen Middleton: 'Let's add life to years, not just years to life'
Despite their vital care for patients with cancer, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke and sports injuries, physiotherapists have a low profile compared with many other . Perhaps this is why Middleton … Read more on The Guardian

Lima Municipal Court Records

Lima Municipal Court records
Wayne L. Storer, 32, of 110 Wapak St., Wapakoneta, pleaded no contest to possessing instruments. Sentence: 90 days jail, 60 suspended. Joshua I. Culp, 18, … Terra J. Campbell, 28, of 531 Brower Road, Apt. 152, pleaded guilty to driving … Read more on

Two big York crime gangs jailed
For Michael Marshall, 38, Chloe Fairley said he was a busker who had been chosen to deal at street level because of his own heroin addiction, which he was trying to conquer. For Nathan Tetley, 30, Lucy Brown said he had acted as drug courier under … Read more on The Press, York

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BUDGET SPEECH Financial Year 2014/15

BUDGET SPEECH Financial Year 2014/15
The Uganda Investment Authority and the Uganda Registration Services Bureau will be transformed into one-stop centers to efficiently facilitate investors and quicken business registration. Company Registration online …. With support from the World … Read more on Uganda Media Centre

Unleash your brain's potential
Neurofeedback can slow down mental ageing for adults, can increase a child's academic performance, and can also help treat brain disorders such as, but not limited to, autism," says Denise Celdran, managing director of Philippine Neurofeedback Center … Read more on Manila Standard Today

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Homeless in Kuala Lumpur

Homeless in Kuala Lumpur
“Also, people with addiction disorders, or developmental disabilities are vulnerable to being homeless as few people have access to accurate diagnosis or quality treatment. The social … Anjung Singgah works with the National Anti-Drug … Read more on The Korea Herald

The POWs of the Eelam War
The severity of captivity and the presence or absence of social supports during and after the POW experience play major roles in the recovery or illness that may occur after repatriation (Ursano & Rundell, 1990). … In 2009 The Sri Lanka Army 59 … Read more on Lankaweb

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Chiropractor Athens GA – Anthony Chiropractic (706) 543-5901


Chiropractor Athens GA – Anthony Chiropractic (706) 543-5901 – Looking for a Chiropractor in Athens GA? Dr. Anthony is dedicated to helping you and your family stay healthy through a full range of wellness programs, phys…


The Woman Who Knows the ' Derrick Rose
A sports medicine physician at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR), Dr. Weber is the only female physician in Major League Baseball (MLB) and one of two female team physicians in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Just over a year ago, I had the … Read more on ChicagoNow (blog)

My Birthday Wish (Vlog 10, 1/13/12)


My Birthday Wish (Vlog 10, 1/13/12) – My birthday is on Monday! (January 16) I just wanted to tell you about my birthday wish and hope that you guys can contribute a little bit to the cause. A li…


New to America, Bhutanese refugees face suicide crisis
… barrier compounds the stress and difficulty of finding a job. Subedi said that explains why the majority of suicides have been unemployed males. Before the family leaves his office, Subedi gives the Bistas the number for the hotline. Read more on Al Jazeera America

Shia LaBeouf Reportedly Heads to Rehab After Hitting Rock Bottom Last Week

Shia LaBeouf Reportedly Heads To Rehab After Hitting Rock Bottom Last Week
Shia LeBeouf is reported to have checked himself into a rehab center in Hollywood for alcohol problems. Photos courtesy of Reuters. Anyone who has been affected by alcohol abuse, whether personally or through a loved one, knows it is a disability and … Read more on Medical Daily

Nonresidential rehab programs are effective
An article in Wednesday's Morning Call ("City zoners ponder halfway house") refers to a development plan for a residential facility to help people with on their way toward re-integrating into society. By coincidence, this appeared … Read more on Allentown Morning Call