Fearless Hiring: Event Seeks to Bring Employers and Disabled Employees Together

Fearless hiring: Event seeks to bring employers and disabled employees together
“I don't consider it a speech impediment, I call it a cerebral palsy accent,” she said. … The state also provides to community members who experience barriers to employment because of a physical or cognitive disability. Read more on Hawaii Tribune Herald

Support Groups, April 24 and later
Send support group listings to Features Department, Erie Times-News, 205 W. 12th St., Erie, PA., 16534; by fax to (814) 870-1808; or by e-mail to features@timesnews.com. Deadline for submitting is one week before publication. Questions? Call 870-1689. Read more on GoErie.com

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Can Cannabis End the Suburban Heroin Epidemic?

Can Cannabis End The Suburban Heroin Epidemic?
Cannabis, however naturally releases dopamine into the body allowing the user to get a sense of pleasure and will less likely to feel depression because of a lack of drug. The heroin epidemic is terrible and killing off many young lives. However … Read more on Green Rush Daily

Having No Friends Is Painful, Literally
psychiatry, neurology, rheumatology, hospital medicine, , chronic pain It turns out that your social … Endorphins play a role in both pain and pleasure, and previous studies have indicated that social relationships are important when … Read more on MD Magazine

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Should Drunk Drivers Be Forced to Visit Morgues?

Should Be Forced to Visit Morgues?
Drug and alcohol recovery programs like 12 steps operate on the same principle; the difference is that the emotional experience is administered slowly, through the gradual sharing and discussion of past traumatic experiences. Malinek suspects that … Read more on Slate Magazine

Nurses In Wis. Slower To Self-Report Drug Abuse
“Patient safety is the lowest in states with the lowest participation in these programs,” said Mike Miller, medical director of the Herrington Recovery Center, which offers drug and alcohol treatment at Oconomowoc's Rogers Memorial Hospital. “You could … Read more on CBS Local

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Drug-Addicted, Dangerous and Licensed for the Operating Room

Drug-addicted, dangerous and licensed for the operating room
In a review of state health, licensing board and police records, The Denver Post found cases in which hospital employees worked for years in Colorado despite recurring thefts and even convictions — sometimes while participating in addiction treatment … Read more on The Denver Post

The Politics Of Addiction
Washington State – On March 29, 2016 the state legislature overrode a previous veto by Governor Jay Inslee, protecting the relationship between individuals in addiction recovery programs and their sponsors during civil proceedings (see Washington … Read more on OPEN MINDS (registration)

Overdoses Fell With Medical Marijuana Legalization

Overdoses Fell with Medical Marijuana Legalization
Our study should also not be used to tout the use of marijuana to treat opioid addiction, a particularly upsetting misinterpretation, as the limited evidence available points to the opposite being true: Quitting marijuana may strengthen recovery for … Read more on Times

Could Marijuana Help Treat Painkiller And Heroin Addiction?
It's a tempting sell in New England, hard hit by the painkiller and heroin crisis, with a problem: There is very little research showing marijuana works as a treatment for the addiction. … Bolstered by stories like Ham's, doctors are experimenting … Read more on CBS Local

Council Opposes Expanion of West Side Methadone Clinic

Council opposes expanion of West Side methadone clinic
It's a program bitterly fought two years ago when it was started. Now, a boom in business reflects the booming opioid problem. Council members say it isn't just the location in a residential neighborhood but that drug treatment ought to be in a more … Read more on WBFO

Time to Take Close Look at Family First Act
And by actually creating a category of placement called “Qualified Residential ” (or worse, one summary of the bill says these would have the oxymoronic name Quality Residential Treatment Programs), the bill runs the risk of … Read more on Youth Today

Cold Cap Helps Preserve Hair for Breast-Cancer Patients

Cold cap helps preserve hair for breast-cancer patients
Fourteen days later, she received her first chemotherapy treatment and donned the older cold cap. While Krill-Jackson hopes the DigniCap therapy eventually will be covered by medical insurance, patients who use the device now must pay out-of-pocket, at … Read more on Miami Herald

Buzz Words | Hornets Playoff Notebook
“I got here this morning at 10 a.m. and going to be going through treatment until about 3 p.m. I'm doing everything I can to be back as soon as possible on the court. Will it be … There were a few buzzwords that seemed key to the Hornets as they … Read more on Hornets.com