Sports Injury Rehab: Dealing Sports Injuries With Your Chiropractor

Chiropractors have played an essential role for dealing sports injuries in the past. They have helped a lot of sports enthusiasts – even some of the most popular players in the past like Lance Armstrong, Jerry Rice, Nolan Ryan, and Evander Holyfield. Chiropractors helped them to stay on top.

How can a chiropractor help in addressing sports injuries?

A good chiropractor looks at the function of each joint, muscle and nerve supply. He also looks at the balance, posture, kinetic function, and strength of the body. He can instantly normalize or improve the function of the body and joints with the help of various neurologic, muscular, and nutritional techniques. These help athletes get relief from pain of sport injuries.

Games-Cambodian Athlete Fails Doping Test

Games-Cambodian athlete fails doping test
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Office of Juvenile Justice Awards Judge Marchman

Office of Juvenile Justice awards Judge Marchman
“Part of my learning curve was to understand that not just alcohol and problems, but also mental health issues, drive crime. I feel very strongly that it is wrong, and not very efficient, to rely on the delivery of mental health and … Read more on

State's first private, women-only substance abuse home opens in Grand Rapids
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Avoiding Addiction When You're Prescribed Painkillers

Avoiding addiction when you're prescribed painkillers
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woman, shot and paralyzed, was a prisoner in her home
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Opera Singer Eric Jordan Sings His Way Through Stroke Recovery Process

Opera singer Eric Jordan sings his way through stroke recovery process
Five days after my stroke I began physical, speech and occupational therapy. My speech pathologist taught me to speak loudly and slowly, and to use short sentences. My coach from the Met helped me regain my full ability to sing. My wife, Christina, is … Read more on

Bellevue teen's remarkable path to overcome a stroke
Amber's stroke happened in July, while the then 13-year-old was playing softball. The Hebert family said doctors diagnosed it as a dissection of the carotid artery. She spent three weeks at the Children's Hospital and Medical Center. She then spent … Read more on KETV Omaha

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Individualism Verses Communism—Clarence Carson

Individualism Verses Communism—Clarence Carson
Reports come in that college students are passive, that young men seek secure positions in giant corporations, that home buyers seek domicile in suburbia with its row upon row of uniform houses, that men prefer public relief to migration in search of … Read more on The Moral Liberal

Spinal compression fractures often ignored, misunderstood
Plenty of health messages seem to suggest that arthritis is the natural culprit of , and with targeted medications this pain can be minimized. However, back … If the hairline fractures do not heal on their own, the condition worsens, other … Read more on Miami’s Community Newspapers

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Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers Concussion Program: Achieve Your Goals


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