Occupational Therapist Stroke: Occupational Therapists and Services

The concept of occupational therapy has been existent since a long time. However, the concepts disappeared during the medieval ages. However, today they have been re initiated as a fairly new branch of medicine. In the old ages, occupational therapy was basically prescribed to people who had any mental imbalances.

It was only after the 1930s that the correct thought-the latter one-gained prominence and was proved, and therefore accepted by health care professionals all over the world. Occupational therapists believe that there is a relationship between occupation, health and well-being. Findings from studies over the years indicate that occupation has an important influence on health and well-being. Ranging from physiological to functional outcomes, it is clear that the performance in everyday occupations is an important part of everyday life.

Why Liberals Are More Tolerant of Atheists

Why liberals are more tolerant of atheists
Though physics and astrology seem to say otherwise, the fact is that The Earth really is the centre of the Universe. August 25, 2014 at 2:01 pm |. colin31714. Lord Brahma …. Their domestic lives are likely to be stressful. Drug and alcohol problems … Read more on CNN (blog)

New battle over plans for drink and drugs rehab clinic in Southgate
PROPOSALS to create a drug and alcohol treatment centre have been submitted for a building in Southgate that is less than 200 yards from a site where a similar clinic was planned but never built because of opposition from residents. An application was … Read more on Crawley News

Snowy Owl in Wildlife Rehab Facility


Snowy Owl in wildlife – This snowy owl was found on a Lake Erie beach with its beak and both feet entangled in a fishing lure with treble hooks. The owl was taken to a wildlife reha…


One Monkey's Journey From Life in a Cage to Freedom at a Texas Sanctuary
PETA workers set out to rescue the poor monkey, transporting her to a Primate Rescue Center in Kentucky. … Once her condition improved, Maggie was clear to travel to her final destination, the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation sanctuary in Texas … Read more on One Green Planet

The Bigger Fix: A Look at a Unique Integrative Medicine Rotation

The Bigger Fix: A Look at a Unique Integrative Medicine Rotation
The /public health residency that she heads up with William Halperin, MD, chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health, is the only one in New Jersey and accepts just one or two applicants each year. … Among … Read more on News from Rutgers

Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Makes 13 Clinic Acquisition
Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy (Professional), a Great Point Partners I, LP portfolio company, has acquired the 13 Sports Physical Therapy of New York's (SPTNY) downstate locations. A news release from Professional indicates that … Read more on Physical Therapy Products

Depression 'common' in Early Parkinson's

Depression 'common' in early Parkinson's
The researchers found that depression, fatigue, apathy and anxiety were more common at the time of diagnosis in people with Parkinson's disease than healthy controls. Apathy and psychosis also increased over the two years in people with Parkinson's. Read more on NHS Choices

Health: Video Games To Fight Depression
Some of the games are helping fight her lifelong battle against . “You have quests that you do and you earn points by doing something as simple as getting up out of your chair and getting moving, to calling a friend, hugging … Read more on CBS Local

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Jerry Garcia Drug Abuse: Jerry Seinfeld Tickets – Jerry Poised to Make It Big

Few people around the world with access to a television are unaware of who Jerry Seinfeld is. After all, the show named after him is perhaps the most iconic sitcom to ever be on television. By nearly every account, Seinfeld is a legend in the comedy world. He is a comedian, actor, writer, producer, director and more. One title he doesn’t yet have, however, is that of “billionaire.”

Robin Williams' Death Highlights Challenge of Treating Severe Depression

Robin Williams' death highlights challenge of treating severe depression
"I would surmise that he was in treatment for depression, not substance abuse," Croft told CBS News. "One doesn't really enter a facility for maintenance of sobriety unless there's something else that's going on that threatens that sobriety." Croft … Read more on CBS News

Bible-based recovery center seeks to cure addiction among Sacramento's Slavic
One drug and alcohol treatment expert noted that the methods employed by God Will Provide appear similar to those used for decades by other groups. Faith-based programs have long been a component of the recovery movement, starting with Alcoholics … Read more on Sacramento Bee