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Study Shows Peer-Focused Efforts Promising in Treating Young Adult Alcohol Use

Study Shows Peer-Focused Efforts Promising in Treating Young Adult Alcohol Use
, April 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Recovery Brands today announced the publication of its research study, "Alcohol Consumption Habits Among Young Adults: Perceptions of Personal Alcohol Consumption in Comparison to the Peer Group's," in the … Read more on PR Newswire (press release)

Gregory B. Anderson
Greg worked as a rehab counselor for the State of California in San Diego, primarily with those coming out of prison who needed job training, medical care or jobs. He served as board chairman of the drug rehab center, House of Metamorphosis, for many … Read more on San Diego Community Newspaper Group

Should Drunk Drivers Be Forced to Visit Morgues?

Should Drunk Drivers Be Forced to Visit Morgues?
Drug and alcohol recovery programs like 12 steps operate on the same principle; the difference is that the emotional experience is administered slowly, through the gradual sharing and discussion of past traumatic experiences. Malinek suspects that … Read more on Slate Magazine

Nurses In Wis. Slower To Self-Report Drug Abuse
is the lowest in states with the lowest participation in these programs,” said Mike Miller, medical director of the Herrington Recovery Center, which offers drug and alcohol treatment at Oconomowoc's Rogers Memorial Hospital. “You could … Read more on CBS Local

Angry Parents Raising Troubled Kids

angry parents raising troubled kids
“Risks from negative parenting behaviours were highly prevalent across age groups,” the study by the Centre for Population Health Research at the University of South Australia found. “Even by infancy, for adult … have parents that are … Read more on

Call for overhaul of drug policy
Bermuda's cannabis policy is in urgent need of an overhaul, according to Stratton Hatfield, a leading member of the group charged with investigating the drug more than three years ago. Many of the sweeping changes proposed by the Cannabis Reform … Read more on Royal Gazette

World Governments Consider Changing Course From 'War on Drugs'

World governments consider changing course from 'war on drugs'
The UN is revisiting the issue for the first time since 1998 when it concluded with the ambitious yet unrealistic aim to eliminate illicit drug use by 2008. Writing in "The Guardian" newspaper, UN Assistant Secretary-General Magdy Martinez-Soliman said … Read more on Deutsche Welle

On 4/20, top minds discuss critical issues in the marijuana policy debate
April 20th serves as the highest of High Holidays for the marijuana movement. This year comes, once again, with rapid policy changes around medical and recreational marijuana. Several states will vote on recreational or medical marijuana initiatives … Read more on Brookings Institution (blog)

A Recovering Addict on Why Legalizing Weed Might Be Better for Us All

A Recovering Addict On Why Legalizing Weed Might Be Better For Us All
If didn't make you feel better, be more productive, or make you think that you look/talk/behave/sing/dance better than you do, then people wouldn't be lining up to abuse them. The issue, of course, is that drugs and alcohol are a … Read more on UPROXX

'Addiction is a brain illness': Drug task force focuses on substance abuse
Mary Painter, director of Intimate Partner Violence and Substance Use Treatment and Recovery with the state Department of Children and Families, discusses substance abuse among adolescents at the second meeting of the North Central Opioid Addiction … Read more on Journal Inquirer

Ask Alanis Morissette: How Can I Stop Drinking So Much?

Ask Alanis Morissette: how can I stop drinking so much?
If attempting to replace the alcohol ritual with something healthier proves to be too challenging, I recommend identifying what your primary addiction(s) might be, and getting help with those. … I wish you well in shifting your habit, or with your … Read more on The Guardian

Alcohol screening and awareness
Four Corners Health Department is calling for action to lessen problems with alcohol in our towns and families. There is a tool on … To take it a step further, Blue Valley offers services on a sliding scale in Southeast Nebraska. To … Read more on York News-Times

Ben Carson Admits That His Campaign Is Over

Ben Carson Admits That His Campaign Is Over
Ben Carson has been beating the odds throughout his life. Raised by an illiterate single mother in Detroit, Carson rose to become a Yale student, a doctor, the youngest head of a division at John Hopkins, and a pioneer in neurosurgery. Things that … Read more on The Atlantic

America's Insidious Eviction Problem
An eviction can be extremely unsettling, with a family's most personal effects—clothes, furniture, children's toys—piled on street corners or hastily packed into trucks or cars. But while spectators may soon forget the disturbing scene, an eviction … Read more on The Atlantic