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12week.tv Advanced intro – Conan Visser, Author of ‘Overweight Alcoholic Turned Sober Model’, a Motivational Talker who has studied Nutrition and has over 9 years experience Personal T…


Muskegon radio personality Andy O'Riley shares insight into depression
O'Riley's battle with internal demons is a dark one that led a seemingly jolly man to a strong dependency on alcohol and a face-to-face encounter with a gun poised to take his own life. In the wake of the shocking death of one of Hollywood's most … Read more on The Muskegon Chronicle

New year often ushers in pledge to quit drinking
"Oftentimes, problem drinking is a symptom of a greater underlying problem. Just stopping to drink can bring these issues to the surface, so you must seek treatment for these issues as well, whether they are depression, anxiety, etcetera," Kean said. Read more on MyFox Wausau

Was Yo Yo Honey Singh in rehab for alcoholism?
There was also buzz that the singer and songwriter may be . But if sources are to be believed, Honey Singh was out of action due to his alcoholism. Popular entertainment website Miss Malini reported that the 'Chaar bottle vodka … Read more on TheHealthSite

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