Alcohol Addiction: A Third of Aussie Women Considered High-Risk Drinkers

Alcohol addiction: A third of Aussie women considered high-risk drinkers
“Women with drinking problems tend to use alcohol to self-medicate for emotional trauma, .” She says older women with alcohol addiction may be less visible to the community as … She confesses that she failed at rehab, hid liquor … Read more on Herald Sun

Rocco's 365 To Drum Off
“It's a two way road. I want to hopefully, inspire some people but it really holds me accountable too,” says Rocco. This time last year he entered a psychiatric rehab for depression but uses his experience to inspire others. “It's not just for drummers … Read more on WKBW-TV


Ian Thorpe battling depression – Australia’s greatest swimmer Ian Thorpe has been admitted to rehab. Ellesa Throwden reports.


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