Alcohol and Depression: Alcohol and Depression

Alcohol today has become a tradition which most people have to follow. When it comes to high class parties, various family occasions, friends gathering or any such get-together, alcohol is an integral part of these gatherings and almost everyone consumes it in some quantity. Those who have some sense consume less alcohol while those who have least sense consume only alcohol, no water!

For most of the people around you, drinking is part of their culture and it is that habit which they have to follow as their parents and grandparents used to follow that in past. Moderate drinking might not cause any problems as your body will bring itself back to normal state before the other dose comes in but regular drinking (and that too in high quantities) can adversely affect the internal organs of the person’s body.

Alcohol helps a person to relax and makes it very easy for him to open his brain up. If someone is shy then alcohol can actually will help him to open up in front of others. But as we all know, its negative effects are that the person can get half unconscious. This may result in problems like unable to concentrate while operating some machinery, driving a vehicle, and this highly affects his decision making ability.

Too much of alcohol can create problems while speaking (tongue starts to slip), while walking (it decreases your concentrating power so you aren’t able to walk properly), and may create problems which the person might regret when he comes back to his normal sense. Too much of drinking can lead you totally unconscious. You might even find it difficult to remember what actually happened the other day.

Suicide and harming their own self is very common in people who have drinking habit and we very well know that people suffering from depressions also can move on to commit such acts. Whatever be the reason, depression and drinking problem seem to give a jump to each other and hence adversely affects the patient.



New Study Finds Alcohol Doesn’t Cause Depression – Based on his research, a University of professor announced that he has found no legitimate link between alcohol consumption and depression….


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