Alcohol Intervention Services: Denial and Intervention

Denial and intervention are terms frequently used when a family member is struggling with a loved ones addiction. When an addiction is discovered the addict is usually far enough into the progression that they are suffering from denial. No amount of pleading or logical thinking will convince the addict that they have any problem with any drug. They won’t deny they are using a drug; just that they have it under control and if they wanted to stop they could stop at any time. Denial is that part of the addiction that tells the addict there is no addiction.

Denial can be very difficult to break. Addiction is a disease that affects the addict physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is usually only through some intervention that someone will break out of the grip of their addiction. Interventions can be of a medical nature, legal complication or a professional intervention. Ninety percent of all interventions will result in the addict entering a drug rehab.

The most successful interventions are the ones performed by family members and others that are close to the person suffering with addiction. Someone professionally trained can coach those taking part in the intervention. Each person will give the addict an example of their behavior, under the influence, and offer an ultimatum if they refuse treatment. There should be a parent or spouse present that starts the intervention and explains why everyone is there. It is helpful to have someone that is aware of any medical problems the addict may be suffering as a result of their addiction. The employer or fellow worker can discuss a decline in productivity. If there is a child or sibling taking part, they can go last and repeat the end result must be the addict enters a drug rehab center. This is a highly emotionally charged event designed to save the life of a loved one. The result can save an entire family.

Dan C’s career in the addiction field spans twenty-five years. He has held positions in all phases of administration and clinical services in Treatment Facilities throughout the state of Florida. He is currently employed by


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