American College of Physicians Urges Stricter Controls to Address Prescription

American College Of Physicians Urges Stricter Controls To Address Prescription
Alternative treatments for anxiety in the acute phase would be ideal, Kean explains. “ You could use high doses of the SSRIs for anxiety disorder, or medications such as Gabapentin (Neurontin) or even Hydroxyzine (Vistaril). The bottom line is that … Read more on Forbes

Resuscitating the Patient-Physician Relationship.
In the past few years, I have found myself in the odd position of treating more depression and anxiety for the shared symptoms of chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations. Within my exam rooms there is an outbreak of overwhelming misery. There is … Read more on The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

This Is Your Brain on Gluten
The idea that gluten and carbohydrates are at the root of Alzheimer's disease, anxiety, depression, and ADHD has now reached millions of people. It is the basis of a number-one bestseller written by a respected physician. … In his 2013 book Do You … Read more on The Atlantic


Disorder – Several herbs, vitamins, minerals, and others have been marketed as natural cures for anxiety disorder, they don’t work. This one …


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