Are There Any Good Online Occupational Therapy Schools?

Question by Steven E: Are there any good online Occupational Therapy schools?
I am a junior exercise science major at a highly accredited undergraduate school, and I am starting to look for graduate schools.

I want to be an occupational therapist, so, naturally, I am looking for a good OT school.
At the moment, I am hoping to find an online school I can take classes at to earn my masters.

Does anybody have any references or ideas for online Occupational Therapy masters?
I hear it doesn’t matter as much as to where you got your masters, as long as you become board certified, so I don’t care as much as to where. I just know I want to take my classes online.

I live in northwest Georgia, and since I will likely have to take some form of clinicals and/or shadowing, I know it will have to be not too too far away.

Any ideas guys? Serious answers only, please!!

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Answer by Mary
OT school is definitely not online. It is a hands on profession. You have labs to practice techniques, you have internships. You may have a few online classes but the whole program is not.

I am a PT

Answer by jannsody
I don’t believe that any technical OT classes will be available online. If you’re still taking your “general studies” classes (e.g., history, psychology, and “health/wellness” class), then those courses may be available to take from online. (Those who are already a licensed OT practitioner may take continuing education classes or workshops available online though.)

** Before taking pre-req classes for OT school, please do go forth with the job shadowing/observing of those in departments that administer OT (with prior approval), including physical rehabilitation hospitals that treat patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), spinal cord injury/paralysis, stroke (“brain attack”) which is a type of brain injury, other neurological disorders, hip/shoulder/knee replacement, amputated limbs or such – pediatric hospitals – nursing homes/long-term care facilities or such.

The OT student needs to get a passing score for the clinical fieldwork placements while receiving feedback (“constructive criticism”) from the clinical supervisor about his/her work performance while having an actual patient caseload.

Please also be aware that the OT (and/or occupational therapy assistant/OTA) has certain liabilities (risk for lawsuits) such as if the patient falls down or gets burnt from a heat pack while receiving therapy.

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