As Jeb Bush Eyes 2016, Key Question Is How a Presidential Campaign Would

As Jeb Bush eyes 2016, key question is how a presidential campaign would
In addition to Columba's reluctance, he must consider their 36-year-old daughter, Noelle. Her struggles with drug addiction burst into the headlines 12 years ago when she was arrested, but she has since dropped almost entirely from public view. “He has … Read more on Washington Post

Looks Like a 2016 Bush-Clinton Race After All
Their daughter Noelle has battled drug addiction, was once arrested for trying to obtain the tranquilizer Xanax with a fake prescription, and has been involved in multiple car wrecks. Their son, George P. Bush, currently running for Texas Land … Read more on The Fiscal Times

Hunter Biden's Cocaine Use and Vice President Biden's Evolving Perspective on
Hunter Biden, Noelle Bush, Al Gore III and Chiara de Blasio remind us that both drug use and abuse touch most families, including those running our country. Despite a $ 40 billion a year "war on drugs" and political speeches about a "drug-free society … Read more on

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