Back Pain | Physical Therapy | Degenerated Disc | Spinal Decompression


Back Pain | Physical Therapy | Degenerated Disc | Spinal Decompression – – Kim had physical therapy for years for back pain caused by a degenerated disc before she found out about spinal decompression …


Arthritis vs. aging: There's a difference
Common symptoms include sore or stiff joints — particularly the hips, knees and lower back — after inactivity or overuse; stiffness after resting that goes away after movement; and pain that is worse after activity or toward the end of the day. Also … Read more on

Surviving … and Thriving
The full story includes discussions with an Oakland University professor who is a leading scholar on a phenomenon called post-traumatic growth (PTG). the Beaumont trauma surgeon who saved Luke's leg. his orthopedic physical therapist. two Rochester … Read more on Hour Detroit Magazine

Jones Physical Therapy healing the Heart of the Ozarks
Many physical therapy patients are seeking relief from pains and aches, while others are seeking to regain the use of knees, shoulders, backs and other areas following an accident or orthopedic surgery. Both doctors and insurance companies often send … Read more on Newton County Times (subscription)

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