California Christian Drug Rehab


California – – The best way of accomplishing the lifestyle you desire is to get into an alcohol rehab. Through reaching out to a supp…


Can You Supercharge Your Brain? US Military Interested in Finding Out
Drugs and rehab helped and after six weeks or so he recovered. Then he injured himself again, and a third time, each minor accident triggering pain that became horrendous. “They were just normal injuries for a nine-year-old,” says Ryan's father, Vince … Read more on The Epoch Times

Darcy Oake survives, but doesn't win, Britain's Got Talent finale
Oake, the son of CBC sportscaster Scott Oake, had vowed that if he won, he would use the winnings — about half a million dollars — to fund a rehab centre for recovering addicts. His older brother, Bruce, died from an accidental drug overdose in Calgary. Read more on Winnipeg Sun

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