Can a Drug Felon Get Financial Aid for School?

Question by masticore1984: can a drug felon get financial aid for school?
in the state of west vurginia

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Answer by Suddenly Human
Yes. As long as the drug charge (it does not have to be a felony) did not occur when the student was in college and receiving financial aid, that person can get federal financial aid to go to school.

And even if they received a felony charge while in college receiving financial aid the person can make them self eligible by completing an “Acceptable drug rehab program”.

Answer by misty_dwn
Yes!!! I did. I am in Texas but i got all my school paid for this past year and then some. FASFA was the student loan I got. Now my concern is if I can get a job after I finish school. I want to go to nursing school and it doesnt look promising that I will be able to get a job in this town even if I get my licence.

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