Chiro/Homeopathic Help for Child With Cerebral Palsy?

Question by CP Momma: Chiro/Homeopathic help for child with cerebral palsy?
I have a child with cerebral palsy, she is 3 years old. She is high functioning physically but has some extensive sensory complications and suffered greatly during the first 2 years of her life. I am losing more and more faith in the medical teams that have looked after her as it seems as if everything is passed off as a complication of her cerebral palsy, instead of it being investigated, treated (if an option) and then improvements made to her life. I have read up on various types of alternative treatments but wondered if anyone could perhaps tell what benefits they have found with chiropractors or homeopathic treatments. Not necessarily for cerebral palsy but perhaps you stay away from mainstream doctors and prefer to use alternative treatments and therapies for you and your family. Just to clarify, I am not about to remove my child from the care that she requires within a hospital environment but I am simply looking at alternatives that could work alongside anything that she requires medically or that could just be a benefit and something she may enjoy or feel good after, instead of it just being about long drawn out hospital appointments.

Thank you in advance.

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Answer by wehomeschool2
I am just replying to let you know that i read your post and I’ll be praying for you. You could always go for a consult.

Answer by uh huh
u can google homopathic dr’s in your area and read reviews and see if their patients were happy w/ them or not before u waste ur time/money. Just research alot. There may be massage, acupuncture (electric acupuncture doesnt really hurt, just a little sting and works). there’s alot of things helped w/ diet changes, etc. You may even just try to get her into a dr. in a different region or area and see if they treat her better……not all dr’s are the same, we’re fired several and finally found a good one who listens and is PROACTIVE

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