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Did Christian Counseling Help You?

Question by Pursuing Peace: Did help you?
My husband and I of 6 1/2 years are not getting along. We are considering Christian Counseling. We do have 2 young girls and hardly a babysitter. We are ALWAYS aggravated with each other. So has Christian Counsleing helped you?

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Answer by n9wff
My wife just got her certificate in Biblical Counseling.

We need to get back to this…

I can’t say it helped me, since I am still happily married but it sounds like the family doesn’t get together for prayer or Bible time. You both need to lead by example, especially your husband.

Do Any Christians Here Like a Good Challenge?

Question by Old Man from Scene 24: Do any Christians here like a good challenge?
If so, isn’t Heaven going to be almost torture to you, since there will be no strife or challenges there?

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Answer by Mike
Your question makes no sense. Pain=hard.

Answer by Dal
I have no idea what heaven will be like, but I trust in God I will enjoy it.

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Christian Artists? Can Anyboddy Help Me to Find Some of Them?

Question by : Christian artists? Can anyboddy help me to find some of them?
Hey! :)) Well, hmm… I’m just trying to find new music, Christian music actually. I was wodering… Can you guys help me to find some of them? I was looking for some of them on yt, but I want more. What kind of music you think is the right one for me? I like worship songs with menaful lyrics, country, gospel,blues,house, pop-rock. All Christian. :)) Im new, so.. Can u help this sister to find more music so she can change her Ipod library?!?!! :))) Thx! God Bless You All, Brothers and Sisters.!! :DD <3 Thx!! <3 Best answer:

Christian Substance Abuse Treatment: Everything About Substance Abuse Treatment in Maryland

in Maryland is easily within arms reach for anyone that needs it. Dealing with substance abuse is a very complicated battle. Everything burns inside an addict saying not to take it, yet their body screams for it. The cravings can be tremendous and it almost seems like an impossible wall to get over. There is no need to fret, because there is indeed help out there ready to pull people out of this dark pit of this unnatural craving for poison.

Christians Who Have Watched ST:TNG, Do Google Glasses Remind You of the Episode “the Game”?

Question by : Christians who have watched ST:TNG, do Google glasses remind you of the episode “The Game”?

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Answer by Mrs Marchenko
Yes, they do!

Star Trek: The Game part 1

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Mud and Fun to highlight Saturday's Cape Charity Run
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What Are the Themes of “Testament of Youth” by Vera Brittain?

Question by soccerchic813: What are the themes of “Testament of Youth” by Vera Brittain?
What issues do Brittain illustustrate in the novel?

Help please! :)

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Answer by TriCyclic
Maybe that war is not heroic or glorious. Testament of Youth is an autobiographical memoir (not a novel) of a priveleged young woman who becomes an army nurse during WW!–a bloodbath of trench warfare–and emerges as a strong Christian pacifist. She tells the story of the loss of an entire generation’s youth and innocence to the tragedy of World War I.