Could I Be Bipolar?

Question by pixie_vixen117: Could I be bipolar?
Lately, I have been conderned about my mental health. I have suffered from depression in the past, but lately it is weird. I have days when I love life, and things seem wonderful, nothing bugs me, even things that would normally bug me. Then later in the month, it is the exact opposite. I had a week or so a little bit ago where I was severely depressed, and could not explain it. Just the other day, something that previously did not bug me, sent me into a crying fit where I just fell on the floor and sobbed, and could not explain it. Now I am extremely happy again. What is up with me? Is this normal? I have no health insurance and hate taking meds, because I am overly sensitive to the side effects usually, and cannot afford to see a doctor really.
Not only what I listed above, but I also have smaller symptoms too, such as some days, I could sleep forever and not wake up, and am always tired. I cannot focus sometimes, I have racing thoughts, I talk ALOT and really fast, often changing the topic without realizing it, people can often not keep up with my thought processes, then other days, I don’t speak hardly at all and do not want to speak even. Some days I have to do a million things at once (like chat, send e-mails, play online games, all at once) just to be happy while other days I do not want to do anything but sit and stare into space. I have alot more symptoms then just mood changes, but too much to list everything here…
One more thing, I am not looking for a full diagnoses on here, I know that cannot happen, just an idea of what others who know about the disorder may think, and find out more about symptoms from real people.
One last thing, a reply to someone that mentions checking family history. My mom and sister both suffer , have similar syptoms as me, and my father passed away when I was very young and I do not know his side of the family at all

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Answer by Simply_Renee
My dad has this- see the link below to a screening test.

Hang in there, honey!

Answer by magzwoman21
If these symptoms have gone on for a while, it is possible. There are a few online tests you can take for free to see for yourself, but if you really want to solve this, I would suggest either going to a doctor or at least finding some friends that will support and help you.

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