Could I Have “Social Anxiety”?

Question by perl1128: Could I have “social anxiety”?
Okay I would like to get everyone’s opinion on a problem I have been having for years now. I think I have social anxiety. I am 19 years old and I think that I am fun , but it is so hard for me to meet new people or to hang out with people I do not reallly know I know it is normal to be nervous but I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year now and everytime he wants us to go hang out with his friends I completely “shutdown” I always feel like people are constantly judging me ( in a bad way) or that people are talking bad about me. Everytime anybody says anything to me I always feel like they are being sarcastic ( ex: if they give me a compliment) I take everything personal ( the wrong way) I never want to go hangout & do stuff with people because of this I freak out, when we do go out I just dont talk to anyone the WHOLE time except for simple yes or no answers everyone thinks im rude or being a ____. I dont know what to do anymore because I know that there has to be something wrong with me this cant just be normal shyness. Do I need to go to a doctor for this? Is there any over the counter medications for this? Do I need anti depressent medicine? Does anyone else have this problem! Please help me!

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Answer by Jase S
you are just like me , wow

Answer by I Love Richard KHC
I have a hard time talking to people too. You probably could go to a phyc for this but I think the best way to conquor it is to try and talk to people. I still ahve a hard time but I am better than I was. I used to be so scared that I wouldn’t ask for help from teachers if I was having trouble. I hate the feeling of being the odd one out and I always feel that way because it is so hard to talk to people. One thing that helped me was I got a job working with people, I had a hostess job and my boss knew I was extremely shy so she would tell me what to say when the next person came up to us. It was usually really simple like beautiful weather isn’t it and the people would respond back and talk to me. Then she would have something else for me to say to the next people. I tought me how to not be so awkward. Good Luck, i know it is really hard.

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