Do You Believe Psychiatry Is Scientific? if So Why? if Not What Do You Think Might Be a Better Alternative?

Question by some time: Do you believe Psychiatry is scientific? If so why? If not what do you think might be a better alternative?
The APA, Surgeon General, NAMI can’t give: 1. Evidence that establishes the validity of “schizophrenia” “depression” or other “mental Illness” as a biological-brain based disease, 2.Evidence for a physical diagnostic exam such as a scan or test of the brain, blood, urine, genes, etc that can reliably distinguish individuals diagnoses (prior to treatment with medications), from individuals without these diagnoses, 3. Evidence for a Base-line Standard of a neurochemically balanced “normal” personality, against which a neurochemical “imbalance” can be measured and corrected by pharmaceutical means, 4. Evidence that any can correct a “chemical imbalance” attributed to a psychiatric diagnoses, and is any thing more than a non-specific alterer of physiology, 5.Evidence that any Psychotropic Drug can reliably decrease the likelihood of violence or suicide, 6.Evidence that Psychotropic Drugs do not increase the overall likelihood of violence and suicide.
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Possible side effects of these drugs: Drug induced stuttering, Weight gain, Dizziness, Sleeplessness, Restlessness, Anxiety, Diabetes, Racing heart, Heart disorders, Suicide risk, White Blood Cell Disorders, Convulsions and Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, Life threatening inflammation of the Pancreas, Illegal sales on the street, Illegal experimentation and addiction to drugs, Glaucoma, Harmful food and drug interactions, Synergistic and Anti synergistic affects, Unnatural and dangerous serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, Dyskyntonia, Sudden Deaths, Drug overdoses,
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2006 starts off with a bang!,0,1868753.story?coll=la-home-sunday-opinion

January 1, 2006
Los Angeles Times
Psychiatry’s sick compulsion: turning weaknesses into diseases
By Irwin Savodnik, Irwin Savodnik is a psychiatrist and philosopher who teaches at UCLA.

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Answer by spongehead1956
looks like you checked one side of the story,you really should check the other side. its no joke,its real. most of the side effects you see can be found on most over the counter drugs like tylenol.sorry all my info on those things are on my old cp.just don’t stop,keep looking.good luck

Answer by ivan
I have been through a series of psychiatrists and many many drug combinations and have experienced many strange side effects that my shrinks claim to never have heard of. So no as far as the popular idea of science I believe it is quackery… I often feel like I am part of an experiment on a very grand scale. The early death, toxicity, disease that I may or may not experience has been ignored because so often people with MI have no one to advocate for them in any truly threatening way i.e., impacting pocketbooks…Their is no test that can be run to tell what disease I have… It is all self-report or observation which becomes filtered through life experience….High paid quacks I say.

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