Drug Treatment San Diego CA


Drug Treatment San Diego CA – http://drugtreatmentsandiegoca.com – San Diego is one of the largest cities in California and is a popular industrial hub. The issue of drug abuse has been p…


NCAA committee approves expanded meal allowance
The committee also approved a measure that would reduce the penalty for a first positive drug test — if the banned substance is determined to be something other than a performance-enhancing drug. Currently, players who fail the test during NCAA … Read more on

Jim Allison confronts cancer, critics with immunotherapy
There had been an extraordinary run of cancer deaths in his family, not least his 45-year-old mom, which convinced him that there had to be better treatment than radiation and chemotherapy. And there had been that wild, creative streak that once led to … Read more on SFGate

Court rejects bankruptcy protection for Mt. Gox
Mt. Gox said Wednesday the Tokyo District Court decided the company, which was a trading platform and storehouse for the bitcoin virtual currency, would not be able to resurrect itself under a business rehabilitation process filed for in February. An … Read more on SFGate

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